Review Policy

 Terms & conditions

  1. I accept only print copies of books.
  2. I will review your book within a month. My review will be entirely honest– if it is a bad review, please note that I’m reviewing the book and not the author.
  3. If I accept your book, there’s a 100% chance of me reviewing it on my blog.


While I do not mind reading books of different genres, I am usually inclined to the following:

  • Crime
  • Thriller
  • Suspense
  • Non fiction
  • Indian Mythology

I genuinely do love books of varied genres; if your book doesn’t fall in any of the aforementioned genres, please don’t hesitate in raising a review request. I’ll try my best to read and review the book if I accept it.

Additional Comments

It should be assumed that every book I review on this blog is a book I bought or borrowed from a friend/library unless explicitly stated otherwise.

I try my best to give spoiler-free reviews. If there is a spoiler, it will be clearly mentioned earlier in the review.


You can contact me through the contact form

Thanks so much for your interest !