The First Last Journey – 1

Suraj felt immense pain in his head. He felt that his head will burst open. He was screaming and trying to lie on his bed.He felt blood gushing out from his vessels in the brain. Suddenly, his pain ended, and then he knew that his time on this planet has come to an end. He was leaving this world.


Rudra came to his apartment, from the school, to find it locked. . He then took out the spare key from his schoolbag and called his mother.His mother said only sentence. ” You father is coming”. Don’t leave the house.

He then changed his clothes and went to the balcony. The weather was very pleasant. Cold wind was blowing, which was a hug relief in Indian summers, where temperatures above 45º C is common. But this pleasant weather was soon going to turn into a storm. But this storm was nowhere going to be as disastrous as the storm which has shook his whole family.

The door bell rang. It was his father. He told Rudra to pack a pair of clothes and go to the hospital with him. Rudra’s nana ( maternal grandfather) had a brain hemorrhage earlier that morning. He was on ventilator. The doctor was not very hopeful of his survival. Hearing this, Rudra’s mind blocked out. He felt grief like he had never felt before. He was very close to his nana. He wanted to see him as soon as possible.

After a 20 minute ride, Rudra was in the lobby of the hospital in which his nana was admitted. Sitting on the corner most bench in the waiting area was his mother consoling his nani ( maternal grandmother ). Rudra hurried to his nani and tried to assure her that everything will be OK. But deep inside he knew, that this was the end.

Sudhir was looking at Rudra from the distance. This morning had turned out to be the worst morning of his life. After seeing his father getting collapse on his , he had hurriedly got him admitted to the hospital. A brain hemorrhage was the last thing he could imagine his father to be suffering from. But he had to be strong. For the sake of his mother, for the sake of all the other members. He knew that this was not a time to become weak. He had to make sure that his father get the best treatment possible.

Manish was standing on the platform 12 of New Delhi Railway Station. A phone call earlier that morning from his  younger brother, Sudhir had brought sadness and chaos in his life. He had packed his bags and was ready to get on the next train to reach his hometown. Hundreds of weird thoughts were crossing his minds. He was feeling very helpless being so far away from the home. “Dad will be alright. Nothing will happen to him. He is a strong man.” thought Manish. Little did he know, that every passing second was making his father more and more weak. His body was giving upon him. Doctors’ attempt were in vain.

“You can meet him in 5 minutes”, Rudra’s father said to him. Two hours had passed since Rudra had set foot in the hospital. He hated hospitals. He hated seeing people in pain, people crying for their dear and near ones. Thinking all this, he heard his uncle Sudhir calling for him. Rudra followed him to the staircase leading to the ICU.  ” You have to go alone from here”, his uncle said to him.

Rudra started climbing the staircase. The ICU was on the second floor. What should have taken only half a minute almost took a lifetime. On the gate of the ICU, he was told to wear special apparels so that the patients inside are not infected. After getting dressed up, he set foot inside the room. His nana was on the second bed on his right side. The sight of seeing his nana lying on the hospital bed, helplessly on the hospital bed made him realise that how little power he has over the happenings of the world. He had always thought he will be able to spend a lot of time with his nana, but now he was standing there in front of him, probably seeing him alive for the last time. 

The First Last Journey – 2

© Rishabh Priyadarshi



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