Under the tree

It was raining heavily. Sara was sitting under the tree in her garden. On her lap was the head of Rob. Rob’s eyes were close. He was not breathing. His face was tranquil and his body cold. A small drop of tear came sliding down Sara’s cheek. Rob was no more.

Sara was very happy today. She was finally going to get a pet. After a lot of thinking and talking, her parents had finally decided to get her a Labrador. They had zeroed in on a healthy and playful dog. Sara’s excitement was sky high.

But initially it was tough for Sara to make Rob play with her. He was very active but not did what Sara wanted him to. Slowly her father and she started training him. After a few weeks, it became a routine for Sara to take Rob on long walks.

Rob loved playing with Sara. Frisbee was his favorite game. He used to go to parks and supermarkets. He was like a brother to Sara. Once Sara went on a night out with her friends and her parents had a hard time making Rob eat his dinner. He never used to sleep until he saw Sara in the house.

All was going well until a fine Tuesday last month. Sara and her father had taken Rob to the vet. He had not been eating well for the last two days and was also getting tired very easily. They knew he was getting old but still thought of getting him checked.

When the reports came it was found that Rob was suffering from Subvalvular Aortic stenosis or SAS. According to the doctor, Rob had maximum a month or so to live. The disease was in advanced stage and there was no way to cure it.

The world came crashing down for Sara. Her friend, her brother was going to leave her forever. She was not ready to believe this fact. They got Rob checked from some other vets too but the answer was same. They were advised to make Rob’s remaining days comfortable and happy.

Sara was sitting in the backyard with Rob in her lap. It was three weeks ago when they had came to know about Rob’s disease. Black clouds were covering the sky. Cold wind was blowing. Sara was thinking about all the good moments she had spent with Rob. Her first visit to school with Rob was fresh in her mind. So was her first Frisbee game with him. She knew that it was her last moments with her most dear friend. She had stopped going to school for the last few days because she wanted to be with Rob on his way back from this world.

Suddenly it started raining heavily. Sara’s mother called her to come inside the house, but before Sara could reply, Rob jumped from her lap and made a run towards the tree in the garden. Sara ran back behind him. Rob started pulling Sara down. Sara sat beneath the tree. Rob was looking at her with his shiny black eyes. He was trying to say goodbye to her. He was thanking her for taking good care of him and being such a wonderful companion to him.

Then he kept his head on Sara’s lap and closed his eyes one final time. Sara knew that her brother was gone. He had left her. She wanted to cry. She wanted to scream. She found herself numb. Just a tear came trickling down her eyes.

© Rishabh Priyadarshi


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