Don’t surrender leadership to farces

This is an excerpt from Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do by Robert H Schuller.

Farces are lies, masks. Often people of Asian, African and Spanish minority groups have been taught that they are genetically and intellectually inferior. Now that’s a farce, a mask, a lie ! If people say that one race is superior or inferior to other, don’t you believe it !.


A good friend of mine, a black man named George Johnson, has experienced racism. He grew up in Chicago, polishing shoes in a barber shop. George used to hear his black friends say, ” I wish I could straighten my hair.”

One day while George was shining a man’s shoes, he asked him. ” what do you do? ”

“I’m a chemist,” the man replied.

” What do chemists do?” George asked.

“I mix things,” the man replied.

” Do you think you could mix something that would straighten my hair?”

The chemist said. ” Maybe I can put something together.”

He did. George tried it on his hair and it worked. He bottled the product and sold it to some of his friends and a few stores. Soon he built a sales force to sell ” Ultra Sheen. ”

Today, George Johnson’s personal fortune is over several millions dollars. That’s not bad for someone who was once a shoeshine boy.


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