Krishna’s Lesson – 1

Welcome to the new series of Krishna’s Lessons. This series will have excerpts from Mahabharat TV series, based on the epic Mahabharat.  Mahabharat is an Indian epic containing philosophical and devotional material.

This excerpts will have the pearls of wisdom spoken by the character of Lord Krishna in the TV series.

I hope you all will enjoy this series. So let us begin the first lesson.  Continue reading “Krishna’s Lesson – 1”

Don’t surrender leadership to farces

This is an excerpt from Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do by Robert H Schuller.

Farces are lies, masks. Often people of Asian, African and Spanish minority groups have been taught that they are genetically and intellectually inferior. Now that’s a farce, a mask, a lie ! If people say that one race is superior or inferior to other, don’t you believe it !.

Continue reading “Don’t surrender leadership to farces”

5 minutes

Alok was on his bed, deep in thought, feeling insecure and frightened and lucky too. The night was silent. The weather was hot. Alok was thinking about his father and those 5 minutes with him which he had spent earlier that day. Continue reading “5 minutes”

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